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The SMIC School Library started in 2001 when the school was established. The Library’s mission is to support teaching, and fulfill students’ research and recreational needs.

ES LibraryThe Elementary Library is located on the second floor of the SMIC Elementary Campus, and occupies 459 square meters. The Seconary Library, totaling 718 square meters, is located on the second floor of the Art Building in the Secondary Campus.

LibraryThe library collection includes a total of over 120,000 volumes of books and teaching resources. Other than providing library class and leisure readings, the library also provides teaching resources to the teachers, reading promotion programs, book fairs, etc.

Elementary School Library

Library Hours

MHS library 8:15-12:20 & 12:55-4:25 (Lunch break 12:20-12:55)

ES library 8:15-10:45 & 11:20-4:25 (Lunch break 10:45-11:20)

Any schedule changes will be announced and posted on the bulletin board of the library.

Library Rules

Circulation Policy

  1. Students may only borrow books from the library of their own campus.
  2. Elementary School students are allowed to check out a total of 3 books at one time, and Middle/High School students are allowed to check out a total of 5 books at one time.
  3. The general loan period is 2 weeks. Please renew books when you need more time.
  4. Return all books before the end of the semester.
  5. Return all books before transferring out of SMIC school.
There is penalty for losing or damaging library books and/or library property.

Library Catalog & E-Books

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Library Staff

Debi Tice Debi Tice
Aiwei Weng Aiwei Weng
Sophia Lin Sophia Lin
MHS Assistant Librarian
Maggie Weng Maggie Weng
ES Librarian
Miranda Wu Miranda Wu
ES Librarian

For general information or questions, please email

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