Early Childhood


2023 Fall Field Trip

On November 15, our early explorers ventured to a nearby farm for a day of sunshine and hands-on learning!

Amidst the golden fields, our curious minds got down and dirty, digging up sweet potatoes with joyous enthusiasm. The giggles echoed as tiny hands harvested rice and wheat, connecting with the Earth in a way only Mother Nature could inspire.

But that’s not all – our young farmers embraced the art of popcorn magic, popping kernels with rice grains, creating a symphony of crackles and pops that echoed their excitement. Then, the thrill of hay slides beckoned, and down they slid, faces glowing with pure delight.

Basking in the warm rays, our students immersed themselves in nature’s wonders, getting up close and personal with the world around them. Together, we didn’t just explore the farm; we harvested precious memories, sowing the seeds of a love for learning and a connection to the beauty of our natural surroundings.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, our kindergarteners returned with hearts full of joy, hands filled with the treasures of the day, and minds buzzing with newfound knowledge. The farm wasn’t just a destination; it was a living classroom where our students and Mother Nature collaborated to create an unforgettable experience.

Here’s to the vibrant memories we harvested on that gorgeous day – a testament to the boundless curiosity and endless possibilities when we step into the great outdoors with our little learners.

K2 2022-2023 Q3 Award Ceremony

These young learners have worked hard throughout Q3, and their achievements are about to be recognized in a special way. With beaming smiles and proud teachers looking on, the students take the stage one by one to receive their well-deserved awards. From academic accomplishments to acts of kindness and good behavior, each child is celebrated for their unique talents and contributions. This video is a reminder of the joy and pride that comes with recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our young learners.


The K2 Book Swap Market 2022

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of developing a culture of reading in schools. In our quest to foster the love of reading, kindergarten teachers in the Early Childhood Division organized a fun event that has become an annual tradition…K2 Book Swap Market. The event not only promoted excitement for reading and social interactions, it also heightened environmental consciousness in our young scholars. Watching children file out of the room clutching their new finds to their chests made it all worthwhile. What a FUN way to foster Avid Readers at SMIC-I!


The Ninja Warrior Challenge

Each morning at the school gate, SMIC International Kindergarten greets their early learners with a fun obstacle challenge known as “The Ninja Warrior Challenge”.  Can morning arrival get more exciting than that?!


Obstacle courses for kids are a fun and challenging way to get those little bodies moving so their minds can be ready to learn and absorb new information/concepts throughout the school day, but there benefits don’t stop there.  Obstacle courses are also a great way to enhance muscle strength and motor skills to improving memory and decision-making.  Implementing various obstacle courses can make a positive and lasting impact on children of all ages.

Fostering Healthy Individuals at SMIC-I has always been a priority as it is one of our school-wide learning results (ESLRs).  This is a good example of how we live up to our mission.

We are ready to challenge our scholars to be their best – mind and body!


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