International Employment

At SMIC, we look for qualified team members who fit well within our school culture and shared values in the following crucial characteristics:

Passion about bringing quality education to students that includes:

  • love for education;
  • consistently operating with a commitment to positivity, excitement and creative problem-solving;
  • respect for working in a multicultural environment where multiple work styles are valued and celebrated; and
  • being a caring contributor who brings enjoyment to the workplace.

Team spirit commitment that includes:

  • a can-do attitude;
  • respect for genuine joyful collaboration;
  • dedication to positive and supportive interpersonal relationship skills;
  • willingness to take initiative;
  • desire for transparency;
  • ability to take direction easily when needed; and
  • willingness to make personal sacrifices for the greater school-wide good.

Strong work ethic values that include:

  • high standards of quality;
  • effective organizational skills;
  • being self-directed;
  • ability to multitask; and
  • comfort with big picture concepts while being detail-oriented when implementing school plans.

Responsible outlook that includes:

  • a sense of ownership and reliability in getting the job done correctly through to the end, and
  • ability to work under pressure with deadlines yet also demonstrating flexibility with ease when needed.

Human Resources Staff

Evie Tao
Human Resources

Gina Lee
Human Resources
Senior Administrator

Jean Huang
Human Resources
Senior Administrator

Yuyan Li
Human Resources
Senior Administrator

Luella Zhou
Human Resources

Summer Gong
Human Resources

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