“Honor” is the first word within SMIC School’s motto. It is the most important feature of the school. In the Chinese version of the school motto, “Honor” is translated as “Character First”. To apply “Character First” in our school culture, we design many activities, allowing students to practice and act out what they have learned. School-wide activities such as International Day, Sports Day, and Science Fair help SMIC School foster students who are global citizens, persons of character, motivated learners, and healthy individuals.

Through the dedication of our faculty, staff, and community, every child at SMIC can find an area of interest to be engaged in life beyond the regular classroom. Our extensive athletics program is known for its competitiveness and sportsmanship among local Shanghai schools. Whether it's playing an instrument, creating art, or singing and dancing, our Visual and Performing Arts program offers many opportunities for students to showcase their talents. Teachers and students also enjoy collaborating and organizing clubs and after school activities which allow each and every student to be involved in something that captures their interests.

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