I love Shanghai SMIC Private School! It’s the greatest pleasure to be part of such a caring community that is committed to honor, excellence, community and joy. These ideals are our school motto, but they are so much more than words. Every day, I see multiple examples of these values work in our school.

  • Honor: Our students demonstrate kindness, decency and charity throughout the year.
  • Excellence: Our students and staff strive for superior performance in academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Community: Our amazing parents support their kids through offering their kids fantastic support and opportunities after school and during the summer.
  • Joy: Our students' efforts toward charitable giving and community services that is responsible for raising over ¥600,000 annually for important causes; all given joyfully and selflessly.

I love SMIC Private School because we genuinely value self-improvement. Our students' academic achievements reach greater heights each year. Just when I think they can’t go higher, the students and staff make the impossible possible. Our results clearly demonstrate that we’re among the most elite international-style schools in the world. Our recent recognitions help highlight our commitment to making SMIC better each year:

  • Accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) a U.S. accreditation agency (2016)
  • National Exemplary School status recognized through the China Private School Association (2014)
  • National Avant-garde Pioneer in Innovative Education from the China Association for Non-government Education (2010)
  • Exemplary Private Elementary, Middle, and High School Award from the Chinese Ministry of Education (2009)

I love SMIC Private School because we embrace innovation. Our commitment to this is shown through many exciting examples:

  • The excitement of our international day extravaganza
  • The expansion of our highly successful Advanced Placement program
  • Our support for the creation of our Going Abroad Program
  • The implementation of our high school internship program

I love SMIC Private School because we nurture excellence in so many ways.

  • Our reputation for academic rigor
  • Our excellent dual language program, where kids gain academic fluency in both English and Chinese starting in kindergarten through grade 12
  • Our terrific emphasis on character education and the key values of caring and decency

We are honored when families place their trust in us to educate their kids. At the start of the year, we as staff, we sign a pledge, which we publicly post in the elementary and middle/high school lobbies that says we fully support “shaping strong character through excellence.” That is our commitment to our community which we’re so proud to be a part of.

Our goal at SMIC is “World Class School”. We have a terrific team of staff, families, and students, who make that possible.That’s why it’s so easy to love SMIC!

Yours in quality education,

Kelley Ridings

Kelley Ridings, Ph.D.
International K-12 Principal

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