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Year Award 年份 奖项与荣誉

Received the honorary title of "Outstanding Private School" from China Private School Association.

2009 中芯学校获得由中国教育发展基金会暨中国民办教育协会颁发的“优秀民办中小学”称号。
2011 Received the honorary title of "Leading School with Distinctive Features" from China Private Education Association. 2011 上海市民办中芯学校获得由中国民办教育协会颁发的“特色建设先进学校”称号。
2012-2013 The Million Tree Project recognized Shanghai SMIC Private School for completing the 1,000 tree challenge. 2012-2013 百万植树项目表彰了中芯学校在内蒙古种树活动中的杰出表现,中芯学校成功完成1000棵树的挑战。
2013-2014 The American Scholastic Press Association gave the Lang Scholar/Student Newspaper at  SMIC  School first place. 2013-2014 上海市民办中芯学校的芯浪报获得美国学术出版社协会颁发的一等奖。
2010-2015 Was given an appreciation award from the Giving Tree Foundation. 2010-2015 上海市民办中芯学校因在爱心树捐赠活动中的贡献,被给于表彰。
2014 Received the "National Exemplary School Award" from the China Private School Association. 2014 上海市民办中芯学校获得由中国民办教育协会颁发的“办学特色示范学校”称号。
2015 Chancellor, Dr. Shu-Kuang Hu, was awarded the “Magnolia Silver Award” from Shanghai City in recognition of her long service to the foreign community in the city. 2015 上海市民办中芯学校荣誉校董兼顾问胡淑光博士获得由上海市颁发的“白玉兰奖”以表彰她在服务境外社区中做出的杰出贡献。
2016 Shanghai SMIC Private School-International received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 2016 上海市民办中芯学校英文部获得西部学校与学院教育联盟(WASC)授予的6年满额认证资格。
2017 Received the Humanitarian Award from the Shanghai Red Cross in recognition of years of charity by our 30 Hour Famine, Art for Charity, Giving Tree, Caring Destiny, and more. 2017 上海市民办中芯学校获得由上海市红十字会颁发的人道博爱奖,以表彰中芯学校在推动慈善工作中所作出的贡献,中芯学校的慈善活动包括饥饿30,慈善义卖,爱心树,关爱命运等。
2018 Was accepted for full membership for the East Asia Regional Conference of Schools (EARCOS). 2018 上海民办中芯学校正式加入东亚海外学校联合会(EARCOS)。
2019 SMIC Kindergarten received the accreditation of Leading Private Kindergarten in Shanghai and School with Legal Governance. 2019 年中芯幼儿园被评为上海市民办优质园、上海市第二批依法治校示范校。
2019 SMIC School passed the annual check of the Education Bureau with positive feedback. 2019 年优质通过教育局年检。
2020 SMIC-International received the mid-term visit from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) during October 13-16, 2020. 2020




Received the ‘Special Contribution Award” from Shanghai Services Federation in recognition of our contribution in providing educational services for the national strategy.


上海市民办中芯学校荣获了上海现代服务业联合会 年度“特殊贡献奖”授牌颁证。