Welcome to SMIC

Shukuang Hu"It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the website of The SMIC Private School, Shanghai. SMIC School is an independent nonprofit school founded in 2001 by Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai) Corporation (SMIC), the top semiconductor high-tech company in China located in Zhangjiang Innopark.

"Our school currently has more than 2700 students coming from 25 different countries and almost 340 staff members with half of them from offshore. SMIC offers pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 education and comprises two academic tracks: the English Track follows an American-based curriculum and the Chinese track follows the local curriculum guided by Shanghai Educational Council. The language center of SMIC School plays a vital role providing excellent ESL, CSL and third language trainings.

"The pursuit of excellence in holistic development is the goal of SMIC School. It is our belief that students should be instilled with proper values, and schools share in this responsibility. Our faculty therefore not only commits to nurture students' affection for lifelong learning, but also helps them build character, integrity, compassion and understanding. We want our students to grow in a happy environment and become valuable global citizens. The genuine care for each other makes SMIC a big family, and this is our tradition. In addition, we also feel the education we provide should create the foundation to make a significant and positive impact on our community and society.

"We are student-centered and appreciate the uniqueness in each student. We believe everyone is endowed with potentials for eventual use. Therefore, there are numerous extracurricular activities and programs held to discover and develop the special talents of our students. SMIC also offers excellent academic programs triggering students’ creativity and innovation. We offer many AP courses to our high school students and SMIC School is an authorized AP and SAT testing center.

"We warmly welcome you to spend some time visiting our beautiful campus in Shanghai. We look forward to sharing more information with you and your family."

Dr. Shu-Kuang Hu, Chancellor and Executive Director of the SMIC School Board
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