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Dr.Emmanuel T. Vincent Dr.Emmanuel T. Vincent
Director of K-12 Curriculum,
Instruction & PD
Elias Yi Elias Yi

Assistant to K-12 PD
Curriculum Department
Mohan Serapin Mohan Serapin
Technology Specialist


Welcome to our Community

Teachers' professional development at The SMIC Private School is a collaborative jaunt in understanding our teacher's unique pedagogical challenges and instructional needs; examining opportunities for active learning, content knowledge, the overall coherence of staff development as an integrated whole and development activities continuously building upon each other.

Characteristics associated with our professional development include schoolwide, long term follow-up, encouraging collegiality, fostering agreement among teachers on goals and visions, a supportive administration, encouraging and developing agreement among participants, acknowledging teachers' existing beliefs and practices. Our professional learning (PL) model is based on three "essential ideas” that drives the core principles of our professional learning community (PLC).

This principal includes:

  • Continuous learning for faculty and students,
  • A culture of collaboration for school improvement, and
  • A focus on results based on grit, partnership, and commitment

We believe that providing our educators a window to the right growth opportunity, through the professional growth cycle to support and hone their craft to meet our students where they are and community differentiated needs, is not only vital but an essential ingredient of what is required every day. These professional growth essentials guide our efforts to sustain our PLC model deeply embedded in the culture of our community. Our cooperative walk with our educators and stakeholders provides insights into sustaining current pedagogical practices while cultivating innovations. These practical ideas in the emerging academic marketplace, ensure our educators teach at their optimum. Our strategy curated and focused on our community varying needs is always in permanent beta - learning, growing and evolving.


  • To promote intercultural understanding and international friendship through creativities activities.
  • To advance the professional growth and welfare of educational staff member.
  • To facilitate communication and cooperative action between and among all staff.
  • To expand professional knowledge, training and gain new experiences.
  • To Improve work performance and strengthen professional relationships.


  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Leaders Leading Leaders Practices
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Thinking Skills and Active Learning
  • Contemporary and Progressive Teaching, Counseling, and Advising Strategies
  • Using Technology to Improve Student and Organizational Outcomes
  • Readiness, Remediation, and ESL
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Inclusion strategies and Best Practices
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Using Experiential and Integrated design
  • Developing and Using Creativity in learning
  • Using Music, Theater, Art, Color, Clay & Sand Effective Learning
  • Language Development in Early Childhood/Middle School
  • Behaviors - Disciplining in the classroom
  • Brain Based Learning & Study Skills
  • Interventions and Strategies
  • Understanding Activity Design and etc.

2019-2020 LINE-UP

  • August - Behavior - Disciplining in the Classroom
  • September - Multiple Intelligences
  • October - Contemporary and Progressive Teaching, Counseling and Advising Strategies
  • November - Leadership and Change Management
  • December - Instructional Practices
  • January - Instructional Growth Mindset
  • March - Leaders Leading Leaders
  • April - Inclusive Strategies and Best Practices
  • May - Intervention and Strategies
  • June - Developing and Using Creativity in Learning

Line up subject to change

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Dr. Emmanuel T. Vincent
Director of K-12 Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development
The SMIC Private School - Shanghai

Elias Yi
Assistant to K-12 PD/
Curriculum Department
The SMIC Private School



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