Welcome to the Shanghai SMIC Private School. Below are important information you need to know as new students entering SMIC School.

Tuition Fee

For the initial tuition payment, please transfer the fee into the SMIC School’s account. Subsequent payments will be automatically deducted from your account, if you choose to authorize the deductions. Parents are strongly encouraged to apply for the Pacific Debit card issued by the Bank of Communications China, in order to streamline the tuition payment process. Please sign the authorization form and provide a copy of your ID to the Finance Office. Please DO NOT send the authorization form to the bank. You can download the Authorization Form HERE.

School Bus

School Bus Time

Morning pick up times for buses depend on the student's location. Bus departure times from school to home are listed below:

Note: For MHS students living in Pudong can ONLY choose one departure time, once decided; their bus schedule can NOT be changed in the middle of the semester.

How to Apply for School Bus Service

The GA Office handles the school bus arrangements. If you would like to apply for school bus service, please contact with Mr. Qin via phone at 021-20332588, or via email at

Each SMIC school bus will have one chaperone to ensure the safety of our students. In order to fulfill most of our students’ needs, we no longer provide school bus service for students living beyond the outer ring including some remote living areas far away from the main routes. Parents living in these locations will need to arrange their own transportation to and from school.

School Uniform


For the guidelines of purchasing School Uniform, please click HERE.

About the Policy of SMIC School Uniform, please click HERE

Screenshot of your purchase order will be requested when you report to school.Thanks for your understanding and support.

If you have any questions, please contact:

GA Uniform Coordinator: Ms Yu 2033-2588 ext. 375

Spring/Autumn Uniform Vendor: 400-880-1949 or Ms Liang: 133-0191-8977

Winter Uniform Vendor: Ms Ma: 156-1870-3728

Club / Sports

SMIC offers a multitude of sports and extra-curricular clubs and activities to our students. Please check the links below for more information.

Elementary School

Middle school

High school

School Contact List


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