Chinese Program

Chinese Lantern Festival

The International Chinese Curriculum is divided into YuWen and Chinese as a Second language (CSL).


This program has been specially designed for native Chinese-speaking students. For the primary and middle-school students, who have international education background, this course offers a comprehensive, intriguing and practical language education through the integration of language, literary, cultural, and historical knowledge. Some articles adapted are from Jiangsu Education Publishing House and the Ministry of Education Press. High school students have a variety of choses, ranging from Chinese Multimedia Reading, Advanced Business Chinese and Performing Arts courses, in order to develop students' ability to apply Chinese and expand their cultural vision.


In the primary and middle-school, the Curriculum Integration Center offers this CSL program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced speakers. A series of CSL courses helps students build basic Chinese communication skills step by step, and develop communication skills to meet the basic needs of daily life. Eventually, students are able to use Chinese in a variety of circumstances. Designed in thematic units, the courses adapt a variety of resources and materials to provide students with a differentiated learning environment, and maximize student language skills. When students come to high school, they can take different Chinese elective courses, including AP Chinese, HSK courses that focus on improving reading and writing skills, and Business Chinese course. Though this program, students will cultivate and deepen their understanding of Chinese cultures and language, with the respect and appreciation of culture differences.

Six graders showcasing
Qingming Shanghe Tu
(Ascending the River at Qingming Festival)
on International Day

Alumni Sharing Entrepreneurship Experience

Middle School Students Writing Novels

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Amy Chen
Chinese Program Department Head

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