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Graduation Requirements

GraduateBecause SMIC is based on an American-style curriculum, credits for graduation are earned from Grade 9 through Grade 12. The school operates under a semester system and credits are earned by semester; usually 1/2 credit is earned for a semester's completed work in a course.

SMIC requires each student to earn 4 credits in English (language arts and literature) and 3 credits in each of the following: foreign language, social studies, math, and science. Each student also needs one credit in the following: physical education, visual and performing arts, technology, co-curricular studies and life skills, for a total of 23 credits. Furthermore, students must earn 100 hours of community service. Please see our Course of Study for full descriptions and further information.

English (4 credits)

Grade 9: Foundations of Western Literature or Foundations of Western Literature Accelerated

Grade 10: Major Works of World Literature or Major Works of World Literature Accelerated

Grade 11: Survey of American Literature or AP English Language and Composition

Grade 12: Survey of British Literature or AP English Literature and Composition

Additional Elective English Courses:
Creative Writing
Journalism I, II, III, IV

Social Studies (3 credits)

Grade 9: The Early Modern World

Grade 10: The Modern World: 1900 - Present

Grade 11: United States History or AP United States History

Additional Elective History and Social Studies Courses:
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP Human Geography
AP Macroeconomics
AP Seminar

Economics and Personal Finance

Math (3 credits)

Grade 9: Geometry or Honors Geometry

Grade 10: Algebra II with Trigonometry or Honors Algebra II with Trigonometry

Grade 11: Pre-Calculus or Honors Pre-Calculus

Additional Elective Math Courses:
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
Introduction to Statistics

Science (3 credits)

Grade 9: Biology

Grade 10: Chemistry

Grade 11 or 12: Choose one additional science from the following:
AP Biology

AP Environmental Science
AP Chemistry
AP Physics I
AP Physics II
Environmental Issues


Foreign Language (3 credits)

Three credits of foreign language are required based on the student's ability level. Students may choose from the following:

Elementary, Intermediate, or Upper Chinese (placed by ability level)
AP Chinese Language and Culture
Chinese for HSK
Chinese Culture and Customs
Chinese Drama
Studying Chinese Through Multimedia
Chinese Literature - Accelerated
Business Chinese
Advanced Business Chinese

Spanish I, II or III
AP Spanish

French I, II, or III
AP French

Physical Education (1 credit)

Students attend PE twice a week therefore earning 1/2 credit each year for grades 9 and 10.

Grade 9: Principles of Health and Fitness

Grade 10: Advanced Principles of Health and Fitness

Additional Elective Physical Education Courses:

AP Psychology
Health and Nutrition Science

Health (0.5 credit)

Starting with the class of 2022, students are required to have 0.5 credits of health in order to graduate. Students who successfully complete this course will be able to understand the functioning of their bodies and the importance of making wise decision to protect their health and well-being – all of which help make students healthy individuals.

Life Skills (1 credit)

Students at every grade level attend Life Skills once a week therefore earning 1/4 credit each year for grades 9-12.

These classes provide help to students in dealing with situations that they will encounter in their lives and includes topics such as personality, sexuality, personal relations, organizational skills, coping with bullies, and planning for standardized tests and university.

Visual and Performing Arts (1 credit)

Students may choose any course from the following:

Art & Creativity
3D Art
Media Arts
AP Studio Art
Chamber Music Group
Vocal Band
Drama I
Advanced Drama
Production and Advanced Acting
Directing and Design

Technology (1 credit)

Students may choose any course from the following:

Design Technology
Technology Exploration
Video Production
Yearbook Design I, II, III, IV
Game and Animation Design
AP Computer Science A
Computer Programming

Co-Curricular Activity (1 credit)

Students must earn one activity credit by participating in extra-curricular activities such as club, sports and other school activities that take place outside the normal school day.

Our Athletic Director, Academic Affairs Director, Student Affairs Director and Counseling Office can all be consulted for specific requirements and to be awarded credits.

Electives (2 credits)

Students must earn two credits beyond the required credits and may choose from any of the available courses which have not already been taken to meet departmental requirements.

Community Service (100 hours)

Students are expected to do some form of community hours (prior approval required) during their high school years (grades 9-12). The school offers an abundance of opportunities for students to serve. Our Student Affairs office can be consulted for community service opportunities and approvals. This requirement is pro-rated for students entering SMIC after grade 9.

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