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  • August 2019
    • SunAug18 Staff development
    • SunAug18 Summer vacation for students
    • MonAug19 Staff development
    • MonAug19 Summer vacation for students
    • TueAug20 Staff Convocation
    • TueAug20 Staff development
    • TueAug20 Summer vacation for students
    • WedAug21 Staff development
    • WedAug21 Summer vacation for students
    • ThuAug22 Staff development

Student Achievement: Assessment and Activities

We have a well-deserved reputation of being a very strong academic school. The results bear themselves out. Our students’ achievement on standardized testing speaks for itself.

  • AP results are among the very best in the world (in 19 subject areas tested in 2015-2016); 98% of AP tests taken at SMIC scored a 3 or higher, and 63% of tests scored a 5 (the highest result). Of publicly published AP results, SMIC's are the strongest in Shanghai.
  • Our SAT results are exceedingly strong as well for all students at SMIC, whether those who excel or those who face greater academic challenge. Our students in the lowest quartile outscore the average worldwide SAT score in the 75th percentile.
  • Students in grades 1st through 8th take the MAP standardized test each year. By 7th and 8th grades, our average students’ scores are in the 11th grade plus level in each subject area of reading, language arts, science and math.
  • Since 2006, 100% of our graduates have either been accepted into college or have chosen to fulfill armed services requirements in their home countries.
  • Through a well developed curriculum, based on American standards (Common Core, AERO, NGSS, UCLA, and Shanghai), our school has customized a unique selection of courses to help equip students for future academic success in colleges worldwide.
  • By high school, students have over 50 clubs and 9 sports with which to be involved.

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