Grade 4 & 5 Club Choices

TED Talk

(Mrs. Jones) Room 213 – Global Citizen/Person of Character

Join the TED Talk Club and learn about how you can be part of making a difference in the world! Each week, we will learn about what other people are doing to become better stewards of our natural world; and how creativity, integrity and compassion for our world can help us to become a better Global Citizen and a Person of Character. Following each TED Talk, you will participate in a short discussion about the main ideas and how these ideas might relate to your life. The TED talk Club will help you to become more confident in expressing what you think, feel and hope to achieve in the coming years as you develop into a more committed Global Citizen and Person of Character. I hope to see you there!

Mandala Club

(Ms. Ebrahim) Room 2-314 – Healthy Individual/Global Citizen

Do you love to draw, color and design? Then drawing and coloring Mandalas is definitely something you should try! Come and join us in this creative club, you will feel relaxed and mindful, while drawing and coloring beautiful mandalas! The word Mandala is a Sanskrit term that means CIRCLE, and represents the universe! The circular designs symbolizes the idea that everything is connected. The drawing and coloring of Mandalas will allow your creative mind to run free as well as make you feel relaxed!

Dancing Club

(Ms. Zhou) Room 2-413 – Healthy Individual/Motivated Learner

Ms. Zhou will be offering dancing club this year! Not only is dancing a lot of fun, it is also an effective form of exercise. Dancing can improve strength, increase flexibility and reduce stress. Dancing can help students with their ability of creativity, initiative, and collaboration while avoiding boring, repetitious movements. It can even help you lower your blood pressure and improve your balance. Attending a dance class allows students to meet new friends in an enjoyable environment. Sign up today if you are ready to dance along the rhythm of the music!

Board Games

(Mr. An) Room 414 – Healthy Individual/Global Citizen

Students will practice and retain the value of being a healthy individual and global citizen by interacting with their peers in a small group setting, 3-5 students in each group. For each group, students will have plenty opportunities of problem-solving and brainstorming with their partners through playing board games.

Badminton Club

(Miss Adina) Room 2-412 – Healthy Individual

Badminton Club is aiming for inspiring students’ interest in playing badminton. In this club, students will explore some badminton basics, like basic gripping techniques, basic footwork, and so on. Students will spend most of their time playing and take a brain break. Please note that you will have to bring your own racket should you wish to join in on the badminton fun! The club will be limited to 20 students.

Olympic Math Club

(Goro Kamata) Room 401 – Motivated Learner

Math is not about knowledge – it’s about solving problems. Best and only way to excel in math is to take up a challenge of solving difficult problems. I would like to form a team to participate in “Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary & Middle Schools”. This is the worldwide math problem solving contest. Last year nearly 170,000 students from 35 countries worldwide participated in this Olympiads. During each club time, we will study strategies together and practice solving challenging math problems. If you love math, come and join us!

World Builders Club

(Mr. Allen/Mrs. Liu) Room 407 - Motivated Learner; Global Citizen

In this club, you will work with a team or on your own to create a new country. You will decide the geography, language, resources, culture, and history of your country. It can be a realistic country that could exist in our world, or it can be a magical place filled with elves, dragons, and potions. It can be a prehistoric land or a futuristic empire that belongs in a science fiction novel. Your only limit is your imagination! Once everyone has developed their new nations, we will have them interact together in the Council of Countries. Let’s see if we can work together to resolve conflict and solve problems that may arise in the new world that we build!

Chess Club

(Mr. Yuan) Room 2-411 – Motivated Learner

Chess is an ancient game that develops the area of the brain responsible for planning, judgment, as well as self-control. The game of Chess helps students increase their memory, strategy formation and also fosters creative thinking. Students will also practice good sportsmanship as they put new skills they learned into practice. In this way, they will become more intellectually and psychologically mature.

Sketching Club

(Mr. Lucik) 2-403 – Motivated Learner and Global Citizen

This club will focus on sketching a variety of different subjects including humans, animals, and still objects. Students will have the opportunity to sketch at their own pace, and ask questions about proportion and shapes. Each student will be provided with sketching paper, drawing pencils, erasers, and smudging sticks.

Chamber Music Ensemble

(Ms. Charlene) Room 2-312 – Motivated learners

The Chamber Music Ensemble provides experience for young musicians to rehearse and perform with other musicians. The students will learn how to collaborate and practice/rehearse with fellow musicians during club time. This club will help the students to improve on their musical sight-reading skill and on-stage performance skill. Not to mention their confidence when perform on stage. The Chamber Music Ensemble provides performance opportunities such as Winter Concert and Spring Concert.

Chinese Corner

(Chinese Teachers) Room ES2 408 -Motivated Learner

Want to learn more about the ancient realm of Chinese culture? Chinese Corner is the place to be! Specifically for 4th and 5th graders, we read fun Chinese stories and play traditional Chinese games, such as: kites, shadow play, chess, and many more! Feel free to join!

Robotics Club

(Ms. Agliata) Room 404, Motivated Learner

Have you ever wanted to build your own working robot? Well this is the club for you! Robot World is a beginner’s level club where you get to explore how to build robots that can navigate a room using sensors, adapt to its surroundings, find and lift objects, and even walk and talk. As a team, you will use Lego Mindstorms EV3 to deepen your understanding of programming, engineering, and science. By the end of this club, you will be a confident robot designer! And you never know… maybe you will design the next robot to land on Mars.

Origami Club

(Ms. Stephanie) Room ES1-B100, Motivated Learner

Origami is the art of changing a boring, flat piece of paper into a recognizable 3-dimensional shape that is like magic! Ori means “folding” and kami means “paper”. As motivated learners, the students can learn geometry, thinking skills, fractions, problem-solving, and fun science from Origami art. In the Origami club, the students are going to start from the elementary level of origami craft, and gradually into the advance level. In addition, Origami art challenges us at the cognitive level as we follow instructions, learning new skills and activities. Memory, non-verbal thinking attention, 3D comprehension, and imagination are further stimulated by the brain’s exploration of Origami.

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