Grade 4 & 5 Clubs

Chamber Music Ensemble
(Charlene Huang) Room 2-302 – Global Citizen

The Chamber Music Ensemble provides experience for young musicians to rehearse and perform with other musicians. The students will learn how to cooperate and play with fellow musicians and improve their musical skills. The Chamber Music Ensemble provides performance opportunities such as Art for Charity, Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.Students perform on stage which helps them with increasing their confidence and interest in music.

Dance Club
(Jolie Xu) Room 2-402 – Healthy Individual

Being a healthy individual is about moving and exercising. One fun way to be a healthy individual is by dancing. Students will work together on dance routines and movements that build rhythm, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Dancing can also improve your balance, posture, and endurance. Members of the Dance Club will be exposed to hip hop and K-pop.

Grade 5 Leadership Team
(Trey Fuller & Laurie Whiston) Room 2-407 – Global Citizen

Students will begin to develop skills in leadership by participating in fun and interactive sessions. Students will explore topics such as: What is leadership? How do I collaborate and communicate as a leader? How can I help and serve the school as a leader? Students will reflect on their own leadership skills and development as well as make choices as a student leader. Being a student leader gives students a voice, encourages service opportunities, and builds healthy self-esteem. Students gain awareness of themselves as leaders and make a difference in the school and community. A separate application submission is required for selection for this opportunity from the Student Affairs Director, please email the SA Director directly at

Pressed Flower Club
(Stephanie Chu) Room 2-204) – Motivated Learner

The pressed flower club’s purpose is to promote public awareness of and appreciation for the science, the art, and the craft of pressed flowers.We will foster artistic development by sharing and exploring new directions, trends, and innovations in the craft of pressing flowers and in the preservation of artwork made from them.Students will pick flower and leaves on the campus and learn flower pressing methods with a flower press.With their pressed flowers students will create a variety of craft projects such as bookmarks, cards, and collages.Students are encouraged to be creative as they explore new ways to express themselves in art.

Game Club
(Kerstin Swart) Room 2-403 – Persons of Character and Healthy Individuals

Students will learn to play new games as well as enjoy traditional games. Students will develop their character through interactions with others. They will also be working on being good winners and losers and developing their understandings of the meaning of fair play, perseverance, compassion, teamwork and sportsmanship while playing games.

Writing and Film Club
(Heather Greenfield) Room 2-413 – Motivated Learner

Writing should be something students practice for pleasure - much the same as they read for pleasure. Students in this club will watch films and participate in different writing activities after watching the films. They will watch Shorts or portions of full length films and most of these films will be dialogue free. After the film, students will create dialogue, explain how the film showed character feelings, write alternate endings, and similar activities. Students will be able to write and create in a stress-free environment, share their creative thoughts, and learn from their fellow writers.

Chess Club
(Weiguang Yuan) Room 2-411 – Motivated Learner

Chess is an ancient game that develops the area of the brain responsible for planning, judgment, as well as self control.The game of Chess helps students increase their memory, strategy formation and also fosters creative thinking.Students will also practice good sportsmanship as they put new skills they learned into practice.In this way, they will become more intellectually and psychologically mature.

Minecraft Club
(Tony Mayer & Andrew Lucik) Room 2-404 – Motivated Learner

Students will be encouraged to be motivated learners through demonstrating creativity and collaboration in order to solve unforeseen problems from the game of Minecraft.Minecraft is a computer game in which students build a virtual world; this helps kids learn everything from programming, science and math, to art, languages, and history.

Mind Games and Puzzle Club
(Reuben Davis) Room 2-304 – Motivated Learner

-Do you like solving puzzles? In the mind games and puzzles club you can work on individual puzzles like the Rubik’s cube, the tower of Hanoi, slide puzzles, and many other individual puzzles. Or if you prefer competing against others, there will be Chinese checkers, wei chi (go), and connect four. Come challenge your mind individually or against others.

Ted Talk Club
(Aaron Davis) Room 2-302 – Global Citizen

The Ted Talk Club is where students will discuss videos which extend our learning of SMIC-International’s Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs). Content will come from, and other on-line media which will help us better understand what it truly means to be: A Global Citizen, Motivated Learner, Person of Character, and a Healthy Individual. Students will reflect and hold discussions on different videos that open their eyes to the world around them and voice their opinions.

Pen Pal Club
(Erik Blomerus) 2-315 – Global Citizen

The hobby of writing to people in different parts of the world has experienced a mild come back during recent years and I would like to contribute in setting up a platform for SMIC students to become part of this awesome initiative! Writing in itself has many benefits – it allow students to reflect on their own lives and feelings as well as a way to control their emotions. Mix that with writing to students in other parts of the world where students get the opportunity to learn about different cultures, share ideas and thoughts and you have a recipe for success!

SMIC-I World Builders Club
(Mike Allen) 2-303 – Global Citizen

One way to better understand the world is by creating your own.Students create their own countries with distinct cultures and geographic features, then have them interact with one another, learning how conflict and cooperation happen on the world stage. Students learn valuable lessons in global citizenship.

Healthy Individual Club
(Krista Kolb) 2-301 – Healthy Individuals

Students will explore what it means to be a true healthy individual. It is about so much more than what you might think. We will look at things like balanced diets, stress relieving techniques, exercise, healthy snacks, and more, MUCH MORE. If you are interested in trying new things to be healthier, come join us in the Healthy Individuals Club.

Origami Club
(Qi Chen) 2-314 – Motivated Learner

Origami is the art of paper folding, with ori means folding, and kami means paper in Japanese. The goal is to transform a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture with strategies such as folding and sculpting techniques. Students will have the opportunity in this club to experience building different origami designs. A lot of the origami designs used in this club can be integrated with math concepts (e.g. symmetry) and engineer techniques (e.g. car airbags). Students will explore with making origami models to involve in such discussion.

Yearbook Photography Club
(Amy Agliata) 2-412 – Motivated Learner

This club will combine photography and journalism skills in order for students to contribute to the ES Yearbook.This club will help them to be global citizens by being active in their school’s community events and reporting and documenting those events.Students will be encouraged to be aware of the school community and learn how to best record and present photographs and text in a pleasing and entertaining manner.

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