Animal Welfare

Advisor: Ms.Charlotte Hall, Location: G7 MHS

ES ClassroomTo be a “Global Citizen” requires active participation in a community to make it a better place for everybody, including our furry friends. This year, animal welfare will be implementing the spaying and neutering program for the cats in the Teachers Living Quarters in the Autumn and Winter. The purpose of this program is to minimize the negative environmental impacts of growing cat colonies, and to make the wider community aware of the importance of sterilizing their pets. Students will also learn about the cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental factors which contribute to animal cruelty cases in Shanghai and across China. This club will be entirely practical and project-based, so meetings will involve planning, job assignment, and excursions outside to monitor and track LQ cats. Activities will include: observations of cat colonies, taking inventory and tagging LQ cats, trapping and transporting cats to affiliated vet surgeries, and the running of fundraising initiatives for this project, such as bake sales and raffles.

Art club

Advisor: Ms. Hall, Location: Art Room, Day: Thursday after school

ES ClassroomThe purpose of Art Club is to provide a platform for the students who want to serve SMIC community or the larger society by creating art works to beautify the environment. At the same time, we want to create an atmosphere for people to develop their interest in art.

Club Member Requirements: Members have to be willing to spend time and effort on art and have a good attitude. Member cap: 30, but if we go over that number we will try to split our club in two groups.

Chamber Orchestra

Advisor: Ms Jeannie, Location: MHS Dance Room, Day: Thu 3:30-4:25pm

ES Classroom

This orchestra is for Middle school students who have learned orchestra instrument at least two years. We meet once a week after school on Thurs to rehearse repertoires for concerts in school and community.

Objectives of the club

This is to encourage young musicians to improve their playing skill and create opportunity for them to perform in an ensemble with

Application of the club to real life

This is a lifelong experience where they will learn to appreciate the beauty and of music performed by any ensemble that they can be part of it in future. The students will also enjoy playing as a group to enhance each one’s skill.

Community Service Club

Advisor: Ms. Sharon Ma , Location: HS English Office

ES ClassroomCommunity Service Club is responsible for providing help for not only teachers but also people outside SMIC community. Events we hold annually are Giving Tree and Charity Fair. We are also looking forward to host new events. We provide opportunities for students who are interested in community service.

This is the requirement to become an official member in CSC.

Middle School: 80% Attendance and 8 hours OR 70% Attendance and 10 hours

Students who do not meet the requirements may not take the yearbook photo, put their names on the yearbook, run for officer positions, nor vote in elections. For students who have sports afterschool will be marked as excused absence, which will not affect their overall attendance percentage.

Dance Club

Advisor: Ms. Grace, Location: Counseling Office

ES ClassroomDo you like to move it, move it?Then dance club is for you.

Debate Club

We will meet every other Monday in B111 from 3:30-4:30PM. Middle School Debate will introduce students to different styles of debate such as Policy Debate and Public Forum. Middle School Debate will prepare students for High School Debate.

Objectives of the club

Our club objectives include practicing our skills of rhetoric and our use of logical arguments. We will be able to identify logical fallacies, poor argumentation, and unreliable resources. We will learn how to support our arguments with evidence and research when necessary. We will learn to identify the differences between fact and opinion.

Application of the club to real life.

MS Debate teaches students how to think more logically and how to argue with style, grace, and formality. They will need to practice keeping their emotions in check during confrontation. Students may be able to overcome fear of public speaking with practice.

Drama Club

Advisor: Ms. Ma, Location: HS English Office

ES ClassroomThe SMIC MHS drama club meets up every Monday afterschool. Our meetings typically consist of rehearsals and improvisation games. We believe in growing members’ minds, empathy, and artistic vision through providing them with opportunities to explore characters and to direct plays. This is a place for artists, misfits, and people that don’t consider themselves actors at all. This is a place that will realize each individual’s full potential for performing and collaborating with others. Members will learn to be themselves and to develop their own unique voice. Drama club does regular performances in the elementary school library. We also performed in SMIC’s first annual drama night last year. For more information, please visit

Model United Nations (MS MUN)

Advisor: Mr. , Location: B102, Day: Thursdays 3:30 to 4:10

Our world is constantly changing. Communications and miscommunications between countries, cultures, and people are incorporated within this constant change. Middle School Model United Nations (MS MUN) is a community where we build collaborative skills through communicating and negotiating concepts between one another. Come to MS MUN to become a delegate in several conferences throughout Shanghai as well as participation in our very own SMICMUN V. We have senior Middle School delegates which build a network of support.

Just go to the meeting!

Photography- Life through a Lens

Advisor: Ms.Yenshaw, Location: G7 HS, Day:

ES ClassroomPhotography is become ever so important in people’s lives in this age of technology. We photograph to preserve memories, create works of art, or document events. This course will show students the basics of photography and through the year will learn to use the different functions on the camera. Students will learn how to photography animals, people, landscape, buildings, and nature and how to photograph in different types of lighting. They will get an intro on how to use various photo editing software and how to touch up their images to make them more aesthetically pleasing to their audience.

Items for the class- DSLR Camera (with owner manual) and a Subscription to Adobe Light Room photo software

Programmers Club

Advisor: Mr.Garry, Location: Technology Office, Day:

ES ClassroomDo you enjoy spending time writing code and making apps? Or perhaps you have never written a single line of code in your life, but you'd like to see how it is? Curious about how easy it can be to create an app on your phone and have others try out your app on their own phones? Then join the Middle School Programmers Club! We'll learn what we would need to get started, where we can find the resources to help us write wonderful, colorful, and nice looking apps. We can collaborate working on projects, or just try out a few lines to make a computer, tablet, or smartphone do pretty much whatever we want! A laptop would be handy to bring, but is not required.

Roleplaying Club

Advisor: Ms.Costello, Location: HS English Office, Day:

ES ClassroomWant to enter the world of strategy?Then join us on Friday.

Science Club

Advisor: Ms.Bess, Location: G7 Office, Day:

ES ClassroomThe Middle School Science Club purpose is to provide year round opportunities for students to explore science and learn scientific concepts through interactive demonstrations and hands on experiments.

Yearbook Club

Advisor: Ms.Hayes, Location: G7 Office, Day:

ES ClassroomDesign the first ever middle school yearbook! Practice your photography and design skills as you create yearbook pages for school events, clubs, classes and sports teams.

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