High School Clubs

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Anime Comics and Games (A107)

The ACG club is a group of students who share a common interest in anime, comics and games (ACG). We meet every Monday during lunch to discuss and appreciate different types of anime and comics/manga as a hobby, but also a form of art.

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Objectives of the Club

The purpose of the club is also to provide students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of off-campus activities including many related conventions and our annual trip to Japan to understand the background of many anime and manga.

Real Life Application

Students are provided an environment to explore and compare the cultural differences between anime of different origins with peers of similar interests. The club also allows students to extent their interests into possible fields of study such as art, technology, literature, culture, etc.

Meeting: Monday during lunch
Teacher:Joanna Tung

Art Club

Art Club is a happy haven for Middle and High school students. Our main purpose is to create the space for anyone interested in art to express their ideas and creativity. However, it is also our vision to help our school and community. We have successfully decorated many areas around the school, including classroom doors and designed a mural painting in front of the art room. We also helped prepare special events, such as our SMIC annual winter concert and Spring Art Show. We designed 2017 Library bookmarks and posters. In the future, we are hoping to give our club members more opportunities and freedom to create art based on their interests.

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Objective of the club

It is our goal to improve and develop our artistic skills while promoting our art through school events, activities, and creating a better environment for our school.

Real life application

Art Club helps students to develop their interests in art and further improve their skills and experience in future college application or even career. Art club members are welcome to invest their time in the club to develop their own portfolio, which is crucial for students who plan to study art or art related majors in the future.

Meetings: Tuesday 15:30 to 16:30
Room: Art room
Teacher: Irina Edwards

Aerospace Club

The Aerospace Club is for students who are interested in physics and engineering. We meet every Friday during lunch in C103a. The goal this year is preparation for the Physics Bowl, a competition. In addition, students are preparing independent research papers to be published in school journals. We have also built and flown model aircraft.

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Objectives of the Club

The objective of the club is to give students a place to explore their interests related to physics and engineering.


Students who join the Aerospace Club will gain additional skills that will help them succeed in physics and engineering courses, such as problem-solving, research skills, writing skills, and evidence-based reasoning.

Meetings Friday during Lunch
Teacher Eric Rossi

Student Athlete Council

Athletic Booster Club

Calisthenics + Weights Club

Activities include weekly fitness lessons during lunch and workouts after school.

Meetings: Friday lunches
Room: A102.

Cancer Awareness Project

The Cancer Awareness Project aims to spread awareness and raise funds for cancer patients in Shanghai.

Meetings: Monday Lunch
Room: A111

Community Service Club (A112)

Community Service Club is responsible for providing help for not only teachers, but also people outside SMIC community. Events we hold annually are Giving Tree and Charity Fair, and we are looking forward to host new events. We seek to provide opportunities for students who are interested in community service.

Meetings: Friday after school in
Room: A112.

Computer Club (C302)

Computer Club is a space for programmers to learn, share ideas and skills, and collaborate on projects.

Meetings: Friday after school
Room: C302

Cookies for Kids (A102)

CFK (cookies for kids) In Cookies for Kids, we hold weekly bake sales and sell holiday grams to fund raise for Shanghai Healing Home, a non-profit foster home providing pre and post-surgical care to abandoned Chinese orphan babies.

Meetings: Friday lunch
Room: A102

Dance Club

Dance Club

Creative Writing Club (B112)

We strive to provide a safe environment for students to unleash their creativity and just have fun expressing ideas through the art of writing.

Meetings: Mondays after school
Room: B112

Debate Club (B111)

We practice our speech and debate skills through mock debates, intramurals, interschool events, and regional competitions such as NSDA and NHSDLC.

Meetings: Tuesday after school
Room: B111

Digital Art Club

A club that encourages exploration in the realm of digital illustrations, the Digital Art Club (DAC) is held every Thursday in the art room. We have fun with art created in the digital medium, using software's like Photoshop. In addition, members present tutorials every week to introduce new skills and techniques they have learned and want to share. It's a way for interactive learning to occur and open doors to new exploration and discoveries in digital illustrations.

ES Classroom

Objectives of the club

The purpose of the club is to ensure that the artists at SMIC have a place where they could express themselves and their artistry through a digital .

Application of club to real life

Exploring our knowledge in artistic skills and the advantages of digital media in different branches/sub fields of art is also planned (illustrations, visual design, concept art, etc.) Occasionally we design for school activities.

Meetings Thursday after school
Room Art room
Teacher Irina Edwards

Environmental Club (C104)

We aim to improve the environmental quality of our school and the larger community by encouraging and providing resources for people to practice environmental habits.

Meetings: Friday after school
Room: C104

Drama Club (A107)

The MHS Drama Club meets on Mondays after school in MHS classroom A107. We contribute to the SMIC community through performing regularly in the elementary school library. Drama Club is also involved in the fall and spring evening drama performances. Please visit smicdrama.com for more information.

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Objectives of the club

We will enhance students’ interest in drama through performing plays, learning basic drama terminology and techniques, and playing improvisational games. We seek to realize each individual’s full potential for performing, empathizing, and collaborating with others.

Application of the club to real life

Students that actively participate in Drama Club will have the confidence and skills necessary to participate in larger theater productions and to present ideas coherently throughout their educational careers and adult lives.




Also see the attached pdf of benefits of drama!

Explore Taiwan

Explore Taiwan

Film making Club

We strive to introduce the fun of film making, while creating opportunities for students to work together. Not only do we produce films of our interests, but we also create memories within the school community by producing event videos and collaborating with other clubs.

Meeting: Wednesday Lunch
Room: B215

French Club

Learn French at French Club and experience the culture while broadening your horizons.

Meetings: Wednesday lunch
Room: A211

Health Club

Brief description of the club

Health Club is held every Thursday at lunch in room B101. During the meeting, we cover a variety of health-related topics that are useful in our daily lives – we have -led presentations based on folk remedies, seasonal fruits, drinks, eating disorders and other health related issues and have also held demo sessions on First Aid and CPR techniques.

We have also experimentally proved the effectiveness of hand- and soap and have worked together as a team to create the Air Quality Index (AQI) poster for our school.

ES Classroom

Objectives of the Club

The purpose of this club is to raise awareness of common teenager health issues and encourage students to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Application of club to real life

Students who learn health-related skills in Health club would be able to prevent illnesses, deal with emergency situations, maintain their health in a good condition and also help to educate their peers about the knowledge gained through the club.

Meetings: Thursday at lunch
Room: B101
Teacher: Dr. Darshana Hegde

Homework Club

Homework Club

Journalism Broadcasting Club (JBC)

Journalism Broadcasting Club (JBC)

Korean Culture Club

Korean Culture Club

Math Club

Brief description of the club

Math Club is held every Monday lunch at C102. Our club introduces math-related concepts and applications to students through presentations from the protector, Mr. Luo, and other students. We discussed various aspects of math, including Game Theory, Vieta’s formula, and circle property. The club the student to be compatible for the math competitions.

ES Classroom

Objectives of the Club

The purpose of this club is to get SMIC students to be more interested in math and encourage them to be involved in , such as the Waterloo Competition and American Mathematics Competition.

Application of club to real life

Students can learn math concepts that are helpful for the competitions and for school lessons. In addition, understanding and solving complex problems can help the brain to think more creatively.

Meetings: Monday lunch
Room: C102
Teacher: Dr. Rob Luo

Model United Nations (B107)


Students in Model United Nations attend conferences that simulate the United Nations. During the conferences, students will explore and debate with peers from across the globe on a wide range of topics, from current geopolitical problems to pressing humanitarian issues.

ES Classroom

Objectives of the club

The main objectives of Model United Nations are to help students become global citizens and train their diplomacy, leadership, oratory, and research skills.

Application of the club to real life

In Model United Nations, students can practice soft skills that are applicable in real life. Students learn how to interact with different types of people, research effectively and speak convincingly.

Meeting Room: B107
Meeting: every Thursday
Director: Mr. Scott Sanders and Ms. Molly Sternin

Note: Download application form, fill the form and email it as an attachment to Scott_Sanders@smicschool.com

RPG Club

We help students relax and have fun after long weeks by playing tabletop RPG games.

Meetings: Friday after school
Room: B112

Photography Club

Photography Club: Photography Club seeks to gather students who have a common interest in taking photos in our SMIC community. We discuss photography techniques or share our photographs during meetings. Moreover, we hold quarterly outings, or “photowalks” to further enhance our skills in taking photos.

Meetings: Thursday lunch
Room: A106.

Psychology Club& Statistic Club (B106)

We study psych n stat and hold major events related to them.

Meetings: Monday after school
Room: B106

Scientia Club

Our team strives to provide a platform for our students to express their undying passion for science. We work towards the design and the compilation of Scientia, the annual science journal of the SMIC Private School- International. We collate, edit and finalize academic science articles submitted by our high school students. These articles are then compiled into one single journal.

ES Classroom

The objectives of the Club

We encourage high school students to write scientific articles and then compile them into a journal. We also help the MHS Science Department organize various activities at the annual Science Carnival in early spring. Most importantly, we aim to bring Science out of classrooms into a transformative tool that generates curiosity in young minds.

Application to Real life

From being on the Scientia team, we truly learned a lot on how to communicate with others effectively. Collaborating with dozens of student authors regarding their articles simultaneously and composing it into one piece is no easy feat. Being able to work effectively with our peers is an essential skill to have wherever we go. We work together as a team and successfully publish the academic articles written by our own high school students into a legitimate science journal.

Meetings: Friday at lunch
Room: B101
Teacher: Dr. Darshana Hegde

Science Club

Science Club

Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE)

Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE)

Senior Event Club (B101)

Senior Event Club (aka SEC) strives to plan an unforgettable prom for the seniors. We raise money throughout the year by hosting fundraisers, organizing and selling holiday grams, and participating school events.

Meetings: Tuesday lunch
Room: B101

Sharks Digital Club (B102)

Brief Description of the Club

Sharks Digital Clubs operate the We Chat account Sharks2, where students can subscribe to and read articles regarding club activities and school events. We also post various polls to reach out and understand the student body. In addition, we help other clubs advertise their events by posting announcements for them. Members are expected to write well written reports that incorporate photos (with proper credits given) of the event.

ES Classroom

The objectives of the Club

We aim to create a reliable platform that updates SMIC students and teachers on the latest school news.

Application of the club in real life

Sharks Digital Club expands on writing and reporting, and students who participate in this club will understand media, communications, and management.

Meetings: Wednesday lunch
Room: B102
Teacher: Tony Yang

Spanish Club (A212)

The best approach to Spanish culture, allowing students to obtain different types of cultural experience by engaging in unique activities.

Meetings: Wednesday lunch
Room: A212

Student Council

We plan events such as shark fiesta, spirit week, and winter formal to boost school spirit. We also find ways to improve student life here at SMIC (printer, locker shop).

Meetings: Tuesdays
Room: A102


We hold large scale miscellaneous events to gather the student body and tighten inter-grade bonding. We are most commonly known as 'the pillow fight' or 'the paint twister' club. Throughout the school year we also try to integrate creative activities into typical school days.

Meeting: Wednesday Lunch
Room: A102

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