School-Wide Major Events

“Honor” is the first word within SMIC School’s motto. It is the most important feature of the school. In the Chinese version of the school motto, “Honor” is translated as “Character First”. To apply “Character First” in our school culture, we design many activities, allowing students to practice and act out what they have learned. School-wide activities such as International Day, Sports Day, and Science Fair help SMIC School foster students who are global citizens, persons of character, motivated learners, and healthy individuals.

Through the dedication of our faculty, staff, and community, every child at SMIC can find an area of interest to be engaged in life beyond the regular classroom. Our extensive athletics program is known for its competitiveness and sportsmanship among local Shanghai schools. Whether it's playing an instrument, creating art, or singing and dancing, our Visual and Performing Arts program offers many opportunities for students to showcase their talents. Teachers and students also enjoy collaborating and organizing clubs and after school activities which allow each and every student to be involved in something that captures their interests.

Giving Tree 2019

Title: SMIC-I 2019 Giving Tree is a success!

Subtitle: Thank you to our SMIC-I community for your support in this year’s Giving Tree Fundraising! We exceeded our goal!

We proudly announce that the SMIC-I Community has successfully raised enough money to fulfill our commitment with the Community Center Shanghai Giving Tree program to fill 650 bags for rural children in Anhui and Hunan provinces. We raised an astonishing 179,940.70 RMB for this year’s project! SMIC-I ES contributed a total of 124,039.50 RMB, the SMIC-I MHS contributed 36,568.20 RMB, and the QR code donations were 19,333.00 RMB! Each section raised the highest amount of donations in all our years of participation in this charity event.

The winning homerooms for the donations are:

We wish to take a moment to thank Eric Blomerus, Este Synman, and Elias Yi for coordinating the ES fundraising, and Krista Kolb, Nichole Stroud, Sonja Coetzer, and Sharon Ma for coordinating the MHS fundraising. The MHS Community Service Club members and officers (Jonathan Kim, Yoonsuh Kim, Maro Yoon, Minkyo Kim, Gina Bae, and Gina Choi) spent countless hours working on publicity, counting donations, and leading the event. Laura Liu handled all the finances and Kelley Ridings offered valuable support for this program. Homeroom teachers and homeroom parents worked alongside us as an awesome team to help with everything for this cause.

Although we had some difficulties and had to extend the deadlines, our community conquered this daunting task. We offer a sincere thank you for all the contributions and donations! Without the support from both the SMIC- ES and the MHS, our goal couldn’t have been reached this year. We trust that our commitment to the struggling children in rural China will make a difference in the lives of those who need it most!

Thank you for the outstanding support. Well done, SMIC-I Community!

International Day

On International Day, there are interesting exhibits, exciting performances, delicious food and much more! Parents and families are welcome to join in the ceremony and the festivities.

This annual event held in May is has a different theme each year. Past themes include: "We Celebrate Our School Community"; "Raising Global Citizens"; "Fitting Together as One World";"Global Citizenship"; and "Take a Stand".

International Day Highlights for Elementary School

In the Elementary School every class adopts a country. Students are busy gathering information about their countries and preparing for performances. All class performances and exhibits are held in their own classrooms, and families are provided with a program to help them guide their way around the elementary school on that day.

International Day Kenya

International Day Highlights for Middle/High School

As part of the festivities, seniors lead workshops and small group discussions on topics ranging from social justice and humanitarian aid to the preservation of cultural and ethnic diversity. Additionally, student winners of the Inaugural Global Citizenship Day Essay and Poster Contests receive their awards and the grade 12 Global Citizenship students honor a member of the Shanghai community with SMIC's Global Citizen Award.

Meanwhile SMIC’s middle school students present class projects, including original videos, websites, board games, poster boards and debates on a variety of historical and cultural topics.

ET Global Citizenship Award

Vocabulary Day Parade

October 31 marks our annual "Vocabulary Day Parade" Students make their own costumes illustrating a vocabulary word of their choice. It is a fun treat to see the amazing creativity shown by students and teachers!

vocabulary day parade

Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day takes place in October. Each campus hosts an opening ceremony complete with special performances and parades.Students then spend the day competing with other classes in fun sporting events [tug of war always seems to be the favorite]. Chinese Track and English Track students compete in events, sometimes on the same team and sometimes against one another.

In middle/high school, Student Council and clubs prepare many games and booths for food and drinks.

The diligent preparation and support from all teachers and staff, especially the PE teachers, make this Sports Day safe, fun, and well organized.

Tug of War

Science Fair

As part of the curriculum, the school organizes a Science Fair in the Spring. Through the annual Science Fair, we seek to inspire our students’ inquiring minds and encourage them to take a more active interest in the study of science.

Science Fair Displays ESIn the elementary school, students' projects are displayed for two days in the library. The students also spend one full school day focused on science activities where every class participates in various experiments and projects in the regular classroom. This day has been very popular with teachers and students alike.

Science Fair Displays MHSIn the middle/high school students' projects are also displayed for two days. The top 9 student groups present their projects and the winning team competes at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Families who are interested in learning more about our students’ exhibits are welcome to visit our science fairs during the times specified for public viewing.

Performing Arts Concerts

Winter Concert

Christmas ReindeerWe are singing! We are dancing! We love to spread winter cheer! This musical presentation is for the students from both English and Chinese track to show their musical and performance talents and to celebrate this special holiday in December with their families and friends.

Spring Concert

Spring ConcertIn our Spring Concert, many talented students from both English and Chinese tracks perform along with club performances as organized by SMIC music teachers. This performance is a chance for students and clubs to showcase some of the various performance skills represented in our student body including playing instruments, singing, dancing, and drama.

Spring Art Show

Annually, our students' artistic skills and creativity are showcased in the Spring Art Show. The art exhibitions are displayed in all areas of our school and opening ceremony allows the students to interact with parents and teachers and talk about their creations.

Wall of Art

Field Trips

Each year, all students explore an area of Shanghai through a school-sponsored field trip. Students typically enjoy a day out with their teachers and friends enjoying nature at a park or exploring exhibits at local museums.

MHS Field Trip

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