We value character first - striving to accomplish our goals in a way that we can be proud of while upholding our motto, “Play hard and play fair, with integrity and good sportsmanship.”

As one of the founding members of CISSA (China International Schools Sports Association) and SISAC (Shanghai International School Activities Conference), we compete in two of the top sports leagues in all of Asia. Our middle school students are able to compete with more than two dozen international schools through CISSA, a participation-based (all athletes get a chance to play) sports league encompassing the greater Shanghai region. Our high school students are able to learn many valuable lessons about teamwork, work ethic, healthy competition, and achieving their goals by competing in SISAC, a competition-based league (has a season ending championship tournament) of nearly two dozen international schools in the greater Shanghai region. We are currently one of the 4 largest programs in CISSA/SISAC, with more than 50 teams in tennis, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, track & field, swimming, and soccer.

While our focus is on character first, we have also been highly accomplished in a wide range of sports. Our students have developed a very strong program that is competitive on all levels. Most of our teams have multiple ‘final four’ finishes, highlighted by our table tennis team winning 6 consecutive league championships, our boys varsity basketball team winning 4 league championships, our boys varsity soccer team winning the league’s first championship, our varsity badminton team winning a league championship, and our girls varsity basketball team finishing in the top 4 for 6 consecutive seasons.

We are the Sharks of Pudong, striving to proudly represent the SMIC Private School with sportsmanship and integrity.

Brian Bates
Brian Bates
SMIC-I Activities & Athletics Director

Athletics Highlights

Created by: Benson Lin - 9th Grade


SMIC is NCAA Eligible

Being approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a significant accomplishment for our school - making the transition to NCAA athletics possible for our aspiring student athletes. The approval of our academic courses allows our students to practice and compete with their respective collegiate teams. A list of approved courses is maintained on the NCAA portal.

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