About the SMIC School

Q: What are some of the biggest differences between the SMIC School and other international-style schools?

A:The SMIC School is a bilingual school. To serve the unique needs of our student body, the school offers two academic tracks - an English Track and a Chinese Track.

One of the biggest differences is in the tuition fee. We offer the same quality teaching and curriculum as the best international schools in Shanghai for less than half the price. Within the English Track, we also have a very solid Chinese language program where students are placed in the appropriate classes based on their Chinese proficiency.

Q: What are the school hours?

A: School hours are from 7:50 a.m. (elementary) and 7:55 am (middle/high school) to 3:25 pm. Students are expected to arrive at school between 7:45 am and 8:00am.

Q: Why the name “SMIC” Private School?

A: The name comes from the company, “Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation”, China’s largest and most advanced semiconductor company. SMIC Company originally created the school in Shanghai for employees’ children. However, the school has grown phenomenally and employees' children account for about 22% of the current student population.

Q: When was the Shanghai campus founded?

A: The Shanghai SMIC School was founded in 2001.


Q: How can one apply to the School?

A: Please refer to “Apply Here”.

Q: What are the subjects that will be tested during the entrance exam?

A: Applicants applying to the English Track will need to take entrance assessments on Math and English (reading comprehension, writing and oral skills). Elementary Grade 1 applicants will be assessed based on their speaking, reading and writing ability.

Q: Can my child transfer to your school in the middle of the semester?

A: For the first semester (September-January), the SMIC School admission is open until the end of September. For the second semester (February-June) please note that children of non-SMIC employees are not eligible to transfer AFTER the spring semester has begun.

Q: What are the SMIC School tuition fees?

A:Please see "Tuition and Fees".

Q: Can visiting parents sit in during lessons?

A: To minimize disruptions to our students’ learning, parents can only make appointments for a general school tour, during which they can briefly observe a lesson from outside the classroom.


Q: What is your academic curriculum based upon?

The English Track follows an American-based curriculum and admissions are open to students holding foreign passports only. In addition to core courses taught in English, students also take Chinese language classes according to the level of their Chinese proficiency.

The Chinese Track follows the official City of Shanghai curriculum and admissions is open to native Chinese students as well as foreign passport holders. Core courses are taught in Chinese but all English classes follow recognized US curriculum standards and are taught by native English-speaking teachers.

For more information about our curriculum and courses, please visit the "Academics" section of our website.

Q: What is the average class size? What is the teacher-student ratio?

A:The average class size in the elementary division is 22 students with a maximum of 25 students.In the Middle and High School, the maximum number of students per class is no more than 30. The teacher-student ratio is 1:9 in the middle/high school division and 1:10 in elementary division.

Q: In the English track, how do you cater to students with different levels of Chinese?

A: The School offers two different Chinese language programs: Chinese Regular (Yuwen) and Chinese as a Second language (CSL). Students with native Chinese language skills may take regular Chinese classes which follow a standardized Chinese curriculum as set forth by the Full-time Compulsory Education Chinese Curriculum standards. Students who are not native Chinese speakers may take CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) classes, which follows standards devised through the International Curriculum for Chinese Language. For more details, please contact the CSL department.

What is the CCC program?

SMIC Chinese Concentration Class (CCC) Program

The Chinese Concentration Class (CCC) program was introduced to the English Track Elementary School in 2011, and has become a popular program for prospective SMIC parents. This is a three-year program specially designed at the elementary level to provide the essence of both Western and Eastern educations, and build a solid foundation in English, Chinese and Math computational skills.

English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Music, Arts and Computer classes follow well-established American curriculum. The Chinese Language curriculum is enhanced with four additional periods of classical reading and composition practice. The Math class follows the local curriculum, in which computational skills are emphasized.

This strenuous program requires students to have complete mastery of both languages to be successful. Potential students are required to pass both English and Chinese exams.Students who achieve higher scores will be accepted first. Students in the program are required to stay for at least one school year.They cannot drop out of the program and switch to the regular class in the middle of the school year. Switching will depend on the availability of vacancy in the other program.

The program and students are closely monitored to ensure maximum learning outcome. The homework load is approximately 2 hours a night. Parents need to take this seriously into consideration before the enrollment, and assist their children on time management once in the program.

Other (Meals, Buses, Dormitories)

Q: What are the student’s meals like?

A: The SMIC School's cafeteria is run by a food-service vendor. In an effort to provide balanced meals, the school cafeteria offers different menus everyday. Students are served primarily with Chinese dishes while Western dishes are supplemented on a regular basis.

Q: Is it mandatory for students to eat in the school cafeteria? Can they bring their own lunch?

A: All students are required to enroll in the lunch plan and eat in the school cafeteria. Special arrangements may be made for students with religious or special needs due to medical conditions, if proper documentation is provided in advance.

Q: Are school buses provided?

A: Yes, there are more than 20 shuttle buses provided for students who live in various locations in Pudong and Puxi. For more details, please contact Mr. Rich Qin at 5855-4588 ext. 364.

Q: Do you provide dormitory for students from out-of-town?

A: No, the SMIC School does not provide housing to students.

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