Admissions Criteria


The SMIC Private School English Track accepts students with valid foreign passports, or are permanent residents (with valid green cards) of a foreign country.


  1. All English Track Grade 1 applicants must be 6 years of age by September 30th.
  2. All Chinese Track Grade 1 applicants must be 6 years of age by August 31st.

Applicants are not permitted to skip a grade upon entering the SMIC School.

2019-2020 English Track

Grade LevelBirthday
EK2Before 09/30/2014
Grade 1Before 09/30/2013
Grade 2Sept. 2012
Grade 3Sept. 2011
Grade 4Sept. 2010
Grade 5Sept. 2009
Grade 6Sept. 2008
Grade 7Sept. 2007
Grade 8Sept. 2006
Grade 9Sept. 2005
Grade 10Sept. 2004
Grade 11Sept. 2003
Grade 12Sept. 2002

Entrance Exam

All English Track applicants must be proficient in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

Entering Grade 1: An English assessment will be given which includes reading, writing and speaking

Entering Grade 2-12: An English assessment will be given which includes reading comprehension, writing and an oral interview. A Math assessment will be given based upon grade-appropriate content.

Special Needs Students

Our school does not have the personnel and equipment resources to work with students who have specialized schooling requirements. As a result, we do not offer programs for students with special needs.

Chinese Program

All new students are given a Chinese assessment in late August and students are placed in an appropriate-level Chinese class.There are 2 types of Chinese programs at the SMIC Private School - Yuwen (for native Chinese speakers) and CSL (Chinese as a Second Language). Within the CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) program, there are various levels in which students can be placed depending on their Chinese proficiency. We offer a very solid Chinese language program at the SMIC Private School.

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