Facilities and Services

SMIC Private School consists of 4 campuses—Private Kindergarten, Lower Elementary (K2-3rd grades), Upper Elementary (4th-5th grades) and Secondary (6-12). The whole school covers 80,293 square meters including:

Middle High School Classroom

School Buildings - The Private Kindergarten has three floors and 19 classrooms. The Lower Elementary campus has three floors with 28 classrooms and 7 special classrooms. The Upper Elementary campus has four floors with 29 rooms for student education and use. The Secondary campus has three floors with 35 classrooms and 25 special classrooms, including 4 science labs.

Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning, a ceiling mounted LCD projector, and an air purifier. Our Upper Elementary classrooms are also equipped with interactive white board projectors.

ES2 Multi Purpose Room

Our school also features four auditoriums, multiple science labs, art and music rooms, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, soccer fields and running tracks. Our Kindergarten and Elementary campuses include newly renovated playground areas for active recess time.

GymThe Gym is situated on the second floor of the building that houses the school cafeteria on the first floor. It has an approximate area of 1,900 square meters and has a standard-size basketball court. The gym is also equipped with movable volleyball and badminton equipment. The gym is used as a multi-functional sports venue, and students commonly use the place for ball games and competitions.

LibraryThe Libraries - The SMIC Private School has two libraries; one in the Lower Elementary campus, and one in the Secondary campus. Each branch library has over 45,000 volumes of English books and Chinese books. The collections are open to all students and faculty for their learning, research and recreational needs. Aside from reading materials for students, the library also houses numerous teaching resources for teachers. The SMIC School Libraries offer book fairs and various different reading promotional programs every year. Librarians also work as liaisons to help students and parents to purchase books from Scholastic Book Club.

Computer Lab

Computer Labs - There are seven computer labs at SMIC: two located on the Lower Elementary campus, one in the Upper Elementary campus and four located on the Secondary campus. Each lab includes 30 PC computers, one laser printer and an LCD projector. Color printers and photo/document scanners are also shared among the computer labs. Two server rooms host multiple servers to support the school’s internet, WIFI/intranet needs, email system, PA system, phone system, security cameras, printers, etc.


Cafeteria - The school cafeteria has an approximate area of 1,900 square meters, which includes the student cafeteria of around 1000 square meters and serves 840 students at the same time. The cafeteria has facilities like air conditioner, hot water, etc.

BussesTransportation - The SMIC Private School has 20 school buses. The school bus service is provided for an additional fee for students in grades 1 to 12, who live within the outer ring, for some Pudong and Puxi areas. Every school bus has safety belts, automobile data recorder, and a school bus teacher to ensure the safety of the students.

Campus Tour

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