School Board

SMIC's School Board is the chief governing body of the SMIC Private School, Shanghai. The board is legally responsible for the institution, whose assets it holds in trust. School Board Members must assure that the institution is heading in the right direction and is well managed. The Board is made up of men and women from the SMIC Company, Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Company, professional, educational, and volunteer sectors of the Shanghai community.

The members of the SMIC School Board:

  • Review and approve school’s funding proposal and annual budget;
  • Review and approve or disapprove major capital expenditures;
  • Make final decisions on new academic programs;
  • Oversee and participate in developmental programs;
  • Elect and remove board members, appoint and dismiss the chancellor and principals;
  • Make decisions on the general faculty hiring plan and set wages and benefits standard;
  • Exercise a policy and oversight role in contrast to the implementation and operational role of the administration, faculty and staff; and
  • Convene yearly.

Current Board Members:

Dr. Zixue Zhou - President of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC)

Dr. Haijun Zhao - CEO of SMIC Company

Xiaobei Sun - Senior Vice President of SMIC Company

Rong Yang - Principal of Shanghai Experimental Elementary School

Dr. Jack Chou - Chancellor of Beijing SMIC School

Dr. Shu-Kuang Hu - Consultant of SMIC School, Shanghai

Yvonne Wang - Principal of SMIC Kindergarten, Shanghai

Cindy Li - Consultant of SMIC Kindergarten, Shanghai

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