SMIC-I is Accepting Applications

We are currently accepting applications for SMIC-I 2020 Fall Semester for grades EK1 to 12; please click here to apply on our website.

Applications for SMIC-I 2021 Spring Semester & 2021 Fall Semester will be accepted from October.

Please note that the Admissions Office is unable to accept submissions of documents at our office until further notice. Please contact us at if you require assistance.




FAQs on Admissions During the Outbreak

Q: When can I submit an application to the school?
A: Our online application system remains open for SMIC-I grades EK1 to 12. We are unable to accept submissions of hardcopy documents until further notice in accordance with local authority regulations. You should receive a submission confirmation email right after successful submission of your application.

Q: When will my child take the entrance assessment?
A: We will inform parents who have submitted online applications of the schedule or how we will conduct the entrance assessments when we are able to arrange for such in accordance with local authority regulations.

Q: Can I schedule a visit to the school?
A: We are unable to accept visitors under current regulations. We will begin the online registration for school visits after school re-opens if circumstances permit.

Q: How can I contact the Admissions office?
A: You are welcome to call us at +86-21-2033-2588 ext. 228/230/330 or send us an email at


问: 我什么时候可以报名?
答: 学校官网继续开通英文部美语班至12年级的报名。按照政府规定,招生办目前无法接受家长到校提交纸质材料。网上报名成功后,家长会收到系统自动发出的确认函。

问: 报名后什么时候安排入学评估?
答: 我们将在官方政策允许后安排入学评估或未来如何进行评估后,邮件通知已经成功提交网上报名的家长。

问: 我可否预约参观学校?
答: 按照政府政策,我校目前无法接待访客。招生办将在开学后条件允许的情况下开放参观学校的网上预约。

问: 我怎么联系招生办?
答: 欢迎家长致电 +86-21-2033-2588 转 228/230/330 或发邮件至。

SMIC-I Admissions Conferences



Welcome to the SMIC School!

The SMIC Private School is a K-12 school established in September of 2001 by the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company (SMIC). Our school has a teaching staff of over 200 (of whom almost half are teachers from abroad) serving over 2500 students in grades K-12 in both English and Chinese tracks. The SMIC Private School is a highly academic international school-style division in a Chinese Private School.

The English Track of the SMIC Private School offers an American-style curriculum (in English) based on US standards. We provide a phenomenally successful and diverse AP program (in High School) and a unique Chinese language program that has fantastic student achievement results. Over the last few school years, 100% of our high school graduates have been accepted to colleges and universities worldwide.

In addition to academics, we also have many extra-curricular program options including various award-winning sports programs and after-school clubs and classes for students to join. These programs are offered to all students at the SMIC Private School.

Whether SMIC Private School students pursue academics, sports, or other extra-curricular activities, our staff and active school their efforts to aim for excellence, while retaining a sense of honor, community and joy.

Laura Liu Laura Liu
Admissions Director
Song Jiang Song Jiang
Admissions Officer
Tina Yeo Tina Yeo
Admissions Officer
Lynn Liu Lynn Liu
Admissions Officer
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