The Summer Internship Program - 2017

As the economy continues to grow, employers in large enterprises begin to focus more on the overall quality of talents on the job market. In an effort to help students adapt to the changing world, the SMIC Private School established the Summer Internship Program to provide summer internship opportunities for our students.

The Summer Internship Program, also called the Light House program, began its first project in the summer of 2017. Seventeen high school students ranging from Grade 9 to 11 joined the Light House program. Over 14 corporations recruited our students in the fields of technology, health care, investment, law, sports, consultation, education, design, and manufacturing. Students were not only able to understand a company’s organization structure, but were also given opportunities to gain practical experiences, such as culturing embryos for biology oriented companies, researching legal works for law firms, and popularizing local promotions. As a result, the Summer Internship Program has better prepared our students and even refined their goals for the future.

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