Festival for Green

Festival for Green is an Intramural Environmental Competition hosted by SMIC’s Environmental Issues class. With this year’s theme: Protecting, Improving, and Preserving, we invite middle and high school students to present works dedicated to examine ways we can protect, improve, and preserve our environment. Middle school participants will display posters while high school students will present videos. High school students may work either individually or group of two at most. We hope Festival for Green will provide an interactive educational experience that both the competing students and audience can enjoy.

The event will be held on Saturday, October 21st, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, at the SMIC Private School. The registration is open to all students in Shanghai. Once your form is received, our team will send out an email of confirmation within 48 hours. Please turn in your registration form by Wednesday, October 11th.

As for submitting your work, all posters should be sent in a PDF form, and video submissions must be turned in with a YouTube, Youku, or Tencent link where you have uploaded your work. Your videos must not exceed two minutes, and video presenters must prepare about 3-minute long presentation for your work. Please turn in the soft copy of your poster and a link to your video via Peter_Griffin@smicschool.com. The deadline for work submission is set on Friday, October 13th.

Below is the link to the registration form:

Please turn in your registration form by Wednesday, October 11th.

Festival for Green Registration Form

To turn in your registration form, or for more information, please contact Peter_Griffin@smicschool.com.

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