Dear Parents, please note our English Track Grade 1 program and the English Track Kindergarten (5 Year Old) program are full for the September, 2017 term. Thank you for your interest in the SMIC School.

You will need the following to submit with your application:
  • One 2-inch photograph
  • A copy of the first page of passport and visa
  • Academic records of the past two years (except for applicants for Kindergarten 2 or 1st grade)
  • Current immunization record

Application for English Track 英文部入学申请表格

You do not have to complete the form all at once. By clicking the Save for Later button at the bottom of the form and providing an email address, a link will be sent to you allowing you to complete the form at your convenience.


It is required that complete student records be provided to SMIC School before admission can be offered to any student. Once submitted, the student records become the property of the SMIC School.



Passport Name 申请人姓名

Preferred Name (English) 常用名

For more information on our CCC program, please visit the FAQ page in the Admissions section of our website.​ 要了解更多中文加强班信息,请参考官网上招生办标题下常见问题解答​

Please list applicant’s previous schools, beginning with the schools most recently attended.

请列出申请人以前就读的学校, 以距今最近的就读学校开始


Please upload the following documents.


Max file size: 10 MB
Max file size: 10 MB
Max file size: 10 MB


A. Parent / Guardian 1父母/监护人 1

Name姓名: (English英文)

Name姓名: Chinese中文)

Please enter your personal email address. QQ, Hanmail, and Naver email addresses should NOT be used.​ 请填写私人邮箱。 QQ,Hanmail以及Naver邮箱不适用​​​

B. Parent / Guardian 2父母/监护人 2

If you are a single family home, please enter the information of a close friend or relative.


Name姓名: (English英文)

Name姓名: Chinese中文)

Please enter your personal email address. QQ, Hanmail, and Naver email addresses should NOT be used.​ 请填写私人邮箱。 QQ,Hanmail以及Naver邮箱不适用​​


Please list 3 contacts in case of an emergency (Contacts will be notified in the order they are listed)



Applicant must reside with at least one of the guardians.



To insure a successful transition to the SMIC Private School, please answer the below questions: 请如实回答以下问题:

Tell us about your child (Yes or No, if yes, please explain) 特别事项 (请回答是或否, 若是,请注明。)


Please check if student has received medical treatment for any of the following conditions:

Max file size: 10 MB

I give permission for my child to be brought to the school’s Health Office for treatment, then to a hospital if necessary.

若学生在校突发紧急情况时, 您是否同意由保健室将小孩送至医院?

If your child requires immediate hospitalization, he/she will be sent to the Pudong Children’s Hospital. If you do not wish for your child to be sent to this hospital, please indicate your preferred hospitals below:

若学生身体情况需转送医院时, 您希望学校将其送至哪家医院; 若无特別指定, 学校将送往浦东儿童医学中心

I hereby give consent for The SMIC Private School and Kindergarten’s faculty, doctors, and medical staff of the SMIC Clinic to administer first aid to my child in accordance to the terms detailed on this sheet. I will not hold the school and/or any of its representatives responsible for any liability resulting from administration of this first aid by these persons. (Information provided on this form will be kept confidential with homeroom teachers and school doctors only).

I understand that, if any information I have provided above is found to be inaccurate, I will be held responsible for any consequences.

我同意,依照上述情况,中芯学校及幼儿园员工、医师、中芯保健中心医护人员可给予我的孩子急救帮助。 对于急救产生的任何后果, 上述人员将不负任何责任.(以上信息由班主任和医务人员掌握,不对外泄露.)


Photograph and Video Release Form 学生影像公开同意书

Pictures and videos are regularly taken and used by SMIC Private School as students participate in activities and events around the school. Individual and group photos might be used for presentations, the school website portals (which requires a login), LED board, school performances, or WeChat announcements. Teachers may also take and use individual and group photographs for class web pages, WeChat, or for the classroom. Our annual yearbook publication also features pictures of students both individually and in various groups and activities.


The school may also take pictures and videos for marketing and admissions purposes which includes the public website, local magazines, and school recruitment videos and print materials.


This consent is effective as long as your child is enrolled at SMIC, unless you provide written notice otherwise.


All materials must be received before applicant can be evaluated for admission. The SMIC administration reserves the right to deny admission to applicants who would not benefit from the educational program being offered. Eventual acceptance and/or grade and class placement is decided by the administration of the SMIC Private School.

只有当申请人的以上信息都被收到, 入学申请才会被考虑: 学生录取前必须参加测评,上海市民办中芯学校的行政部门将有权决定申请者的被录取资格以及就读的系列。

By signing below, I declare that I am a legal guardian of the applicant named on page one of this document. I have read and agree to all terms and conditions contained within this application form. All information contained in this application form and its accompanying application materials is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that omission of relevant academic and/or behavioral information is grounds for rejection or suspension/expulsion.

经在下表签名,我声明我是此文件申请人的法定监护人。我已经阅读并同意此文件所包含的所有条款和条件.。就我所知, 此表中所填信息和它的附加申请材料真实无误。若有不实之处,学校将不予录取或退学 。

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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