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SMIC-I Kindness Initiative: Kindness Is KOOL!

SMIC-I Private School kicked off its latest initiative, "Kindness Is Kool Month." Students throughout the school have been spreading kindness here and in their local community.

As well as being challenged to carry out random acts of kindness in the school, our students have also been doing kind things at home and in their local neighborhood - anything from washing the dishes after dinner to sharing an umbrella with others.

SMIC-I believes that carrying out kind acts creates a virtuous circle and the more kindness is praised and modelled by the staff in our school, the less incidences of bullying and unkind behavior there are.

In the past week, each grade-level worked on their own kindness projects which can be admired up and down the hallways.

Dani Ma’u, Senior Director of Elementary said: "It's just great to see so many people supporting our call for more kindness in school. We're hopeful this will touch the lives of hundreds of people throughout the school and community.”

Tway Ye, Director of Early Childhood Division said: “Helping the next generation discover the joy of helping others is a vital part of our mission to inspire a happier and more caring society.”

Watch our video to learn more as our SMIC SHARKS report the various incidences of kindness on campus because KINDNESS IS KOOL!

  • Kindness Pledge by the Kindness Ninjas
  • I pledge to myself on this very day,
  • To try to be kind in every way,
  • To every person big or small,
  • I will help them when they fall,
  • When I love myself and others too,
  • That is the best that I can do,
  • For I’m a Kindness Ninja, that is true,
  • My mission is to spread love to all of you!!!!
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Early Childhood Administration

Dr.Kelley Ridings Dr.Kelley Ridings
International K-12 Principal
Danielle Ma'u Danielle Ma'u
Senior Director of Elementary
Tway Ye Tway Ye
Early Childhood Director
Aaron Davis Aaron Davis
ES Student Affairs Director
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