Game of Tiaras

November 25 & 26, 2020, the SMIC-I High School Theater Arts class performed two nights of Game of Tiaras by Don Zolidis to on-campus audiences. Tickets were given out to ensure that seating was socially distanced during this pandemic.

15 students in the Theater Arts class played a total of 34 different roles for the two hour performances. The cast was assisted by Mr. Dewayne Jones and Mrs. Nicole Last playing cameo roles; even members of the Drama Club assisted by becoming the Body Clean-up Crew. The play was produced and directed by Mrs. Sharon Ma.

Combining the plots of Shakespeare’s King Lear with a popular TV show, Disney princesses and other characters fought over the throne of England. Costumes of familiar princesses and Prince Charming thrilled audiences. Action-filled sword fights filled the stage. Laughter filled the auditorium from the funny antics of the cast of wacky characters.

The performances included many firsts for the SMIC theater productions: this was the first time SMIC produced a full-length 2 hour show, the first year SMIC drama productions included 2 musical solos (Michelle Chang and Rita Li), and the first year SMIC had two performance nights.

The cast and Mrs. Ma thank the Chancellor, Principal Ridings, and everyone who supported this production.

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