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Chinese New Year. 整整韶华舞春风,怡怡春风为你来 ——中学新年活动集萃

Lead: The end of a year circles back to the beginning of another, thousands upon thousands of things undergo change.

Following in the footsteps of time, let us hitch our feelings to the gusting winds of Chinese New Year. With sincere well-wishes to thaw this cold winter and welcome with open arms the Spring Festival celebrations. A new year, we gather here, and start from here.


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Spirit Week 2021

Last week, March 8th through March 12th we experienced Spirit Week. It was fantastic to see so many students involved and show their school spirit! SMIC Shark Spirit was strong and proud!

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Studying China Through Multimedia Class

With the rise and development of the internet, the forms of Chinese variety shows have gradually diversified. In addition to the participation and entertainment that the show itself brings to the audience, preparations behind the cameras of these shows are also an indispensable part of the success of the show. To understand the production process and implementation of a successful show, the students of SMIC-I’s elective course Studying China Through Multimedia produced their own programs in groups to share with their classmates.

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廿年中流缵薪火 一念芯系庆华诞 SMIC-I Chinese Day 2021

SMIC-I Elementary School organized a Chinese Day to celebrate the National Day.  As we start our 20th Anniversary of SMIC School we are excited to come together by having Bamboo Dancing and fun activities to share the joy,  explore cultures of different Chinese ethnicities and learn how to appreciate different Chinese culture.

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