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In High school, the World Languages Program offers Chinese courses, Spanish and French courses as electives ...

The Chinese Department offers two systems of curriculum to tailor the needs of students’ background: For Non-Native Chinese Speakers and for Native Chinese Speakers.

The Spanish and French courses help students explore both the language and the culture using a wide variety of authentic materials related to real life events. The courses are designed to increase students’ understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures of the Spanish- and French-speaking worlds.

The programs offer a four-year sequence of learning instruction. By the end of the third year, students have the opportunity to demonstrate advanced communication proficiency in their chosen language (Spanish AP Language and Culture or French AP Language and Culture).
Through the study of different languages and cultures, students will be prepared to embrace further academic and non-academic life experiences as Global Citizens and Persons of Character. Furthermore, languages provide unique opportunities, including the ability to experience the world from different perspectives. In the 21st century, knowing a second language is not seen as simply beneficial but also a necessary component of an attractive college applications leading to future success.

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