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Teacher Testimony

Working at SMIC has been a life-changing experience for me. The school provides many opportunities for staff to develop their professional and leadership skills and encourages us to be life-long learners. Kristie Da-Ngoc Nguyen, Director of Community Relations and Professional Development

Employment Age

Due to governmental work visa restrictions, employees at the time of hire cannot be 60 years of age or older.


Minimum Qualifications

Teachers must have a bachelor's in teaching degree (or in a related subject area) and teaching license. Three years of full-time teaching experience in a regular school. Job descriptions list specific skills' and requirements for each position.

Rewards & Benefits

For outbound faulty, we offer a combination of base salary, flight allowance, housing allowance or partially subsidized school apartment, comprehensive medical insurance, relocation and tuition benefit.

Class Sizes

In our International elementary, teachers work with up to 25 students in each class. In the International middle/high school, academic classes are limited to a maximum number of 30 students.


Work Hours


7:35 am - 4:30 pm (M - Th)
7:35 - 3:30 pm (F)

Middle/High School:

7:45am - 4:30pm (M - F)


Benefits: For outbound faculty, world-wide medical insurance; annual airfare subsidy for employee; subsidized partially furnished housing, partially subsidized SMIC tuition for qualified dependent children, annual retention bonus, free school lunches during school days, local taxes for most foreign teachers is substantially reduced through a government approved tax reduction system. The school also covers all approved work visa fees.


Professional Development

Our teachers are well supported through a system of collaboration and professional development. With a carefully planned teaching schedule, teachers are provided time during the work day to plan and develop their craft. Professional Learning Communities in both grade levels and subject areas allow teachers time to collaborate and align curriculum and resources both vertically and horizontally. School wide professional development is strategically planned by our Professional Development Director to align with our school goals.