Announcement on the School Cafeteria Situation
Posted 10/20/2018 14:47

October 20, 2018

On the afternoon of October 19th, parents of Shanghai SMIC Private School found certain expired or stale food, with suspicious date of manufacturing labeled on certain food items inside the kitchen of the school cafeteria during their inspection. The school board and the school management team are treating this very seriously and have held immediate emergency meetings Friday and Saturday with parents and also the school board. A special task force has also been established to address the issue. In response to the current situation, the school is fully committed to the following:

1. Effective today, the current vendor Shanghai Eurest Food Technologies Service Co., Ltd. is temporarily stopped from providing food service to the school. The school will work with the Pudong Education Bureau and other relevant government agencies to conduct a thorough investigation of the vendor and legal actions will follow when necessary. The relevant government regulators will announce the detailed result of the investigation as soon as it's available.

2. The School will provide a follow-up solution about food service which will be reviewed by the government. Upon approval by the government, a new food service provider will be selected. During this interim period, the School will have a contingency plan to address the food service problem and provide lunch service on Monday October 22nd.

3. The School takes full responsibility in failing to supervise the vendor and we are deeply saddened by this situation. We sincerely apologize to the students, the staff, and the parents, and in the future will pay extra attention to the health of our students.

4. The school's cafeteria coordinator will be suspended from work and that person's related supervisors will be given administrative reprimands. The School will strengthen its oversight of the food supplier and enhance the implementation of a more stringent food quality control process. We will renovate our current cafeteria facility and add more monitoring cameras so that all food processing is visible. The school management will work diligently to see this never happens again.

5. The School will report to the parents about the updates of the current situation regularly. If you have any questions, please send emails to:

Most sincerely,

Shanghai SMIC Private School