Bilingual Kindergarten

Q: How to apply for Tangzhen Kindergarten?
A: Please open this link, and start your application.
Q: Can children apply for transfer during the semester? What documents do I need to prepare?

A: You can apply for transfer during the semester. Please contact the admissions officer at 021-68500130 to inquire whether there are vacancies. In principle, no transfer is allowed for the second semester of the large class. After the application is successful, you should prepare the documents according to the child’s household registration and place of residence, and present the transfer information form and medical examination book issued by the previous kindergarten.

Q: Can I book a campus tour?

A: After the application is registered, the admissions office will confirm the specific visit time with you.

Q: What is the class size for each grade?

A: The number of classes in the nursery class is 18-20, the P2 (3 year olds) class size is 25, the K1 (4 year olds) class size is 25, and the K2 (5 year olds) class size is 25.

Q: Does the kindergarten offer after-school care services?

A: Yes, SMIC Tangzhen Kindergarten has after-school care services. Parents can pick up at 6:00 at the latest.

Q: What are the ways to contact the kindergarten home?

A: Class WeChat group, notifications and reports in the school system, home contact book, parent interview, class parent meeting, parent committee meeting, parent open day, etc.

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